Community Labs

KEYSTONE’s Community Labs are spaces linked to existing services for young people.

They provide a safe space in which Young People can express themselves.

They help young people to explore their creativity and talent and to learn new skills around ‘social innovation’, through the KEYSTONE’ Social Innovation Programme’.

Young people can use these skills to help solve problems in their community

KEYSTONE runs four Community Labs in:
– Athens (Greece)
– Lisbon (Portugal)
– London (UK)
– Perugia (Italy)

Working with local partners, including civic authorities, civil society, residents associations, businesses, education and training services and youth groups, the Labs add value to existing youth services in local neighbourhoods.

One of the main objectives of KEYSTONE’s Community Labs is to provide the space and opportunity to help young people design and develop social innovations.

These are things invented by young people for young people. They use new ways of thinking and tools – like social media – to improve people’s lives. An example is ‘Stop and Search’, developed under the ‘Apps for Good’ programme (

The ‘Stop and Search’ App was developed by young people to detail their experience of being stopped by police, and to support young people in knowing their 10 basic democratic rights. The young people who participated in the ‘Apps for Good’ programme worked with experts, teachers and entrepreneurs to develop and market it.