Community Labs in Greece

The KEYSTONE Community Labs in Greece are run by M2I.

There are two Labs – one in Athens and one in Thessaloniki.

In Athens M2I are working with KETHEA – a national organisation providing services for people and their families affected by addiction issues.

In Thessaloniki M2I is working with the Greek organization ‘Solidarity Now’ to explore ways to support the inclusion of young refugees into Greek society.

The KEYSTONE Collaborative Support Programme in the Greek Community Labs is based on interactive workshops and covers the following themes:

  • what is personal development?
  • goal-setting and problem definition
  • the role of the family and how it works
  • who can be a mentor or role model?
  • the role of education as means to change life and learning to provide opportunities for the future
  • running radio sessions, radio broadcasts, event management and organisation.

The Greek Labs are working with action research projects around communicating about drugs and the stigmatization of young people, as well as with issues around the challenges experienced by young refugees.