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KEYSTONE Closing Conference

The official end of the KEYSTONE project was marked by a closing ‘Round Table’ held at the Hotel Parque Serra da Lousã, in Miranda do Corvo, Portugal on 28th January 2020.
The main objectives of the Round Table were to disseminate the results of the project and its outputs to stakeholders and to support the project transferability and replication strategy by introducing the project’s final deliverable – the ‘Transferability Toolkit’.

The event was hosted by the ADFP Foundation – a major Portuguese civil society organization who support the social and economic inclusion of a wide range of disadvantaged groups, including older people, people with disabilities, migrants, and young unemployed.

A total of 33 participants attended the Round Table in Miranda and were joined through a teleconference link by Greek colleagues. Participants at the event included representatives from the Ministry of Social Security, the Ministry of Social Action, the Ministry of Education, Commission for the Protection of Children and Young People, local authorities, Health Centres, Universities, NGOs and practitioners from the ADFP Foundation.

The Round Table agenda is available here.

And also here in Portuguese

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CULT-Community Hub Perugia
Connect – Learn – Share

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Voluntariado Jovem | Navegas em Segurança? 2019
Youth Volunteering | Surfing Safely? 2019

De 14 fevereiro a 30 de novembro de 2019, por todo o país, ações de formação e sensibilização, destinadas a crianças, jovens, pais/educadores e cidadãos em geral, com o objetivo de contribuir para o desenvolvimento da utilização responsável e segura da Internet.
From February 14 to November 30, 2019, throughout several locations in Portugal, training and awareness raising actions aimed at children, youth, parents / educators and citizens in general, with the aim of contributing to the development of responsible and safe use of the Internet will take place.

– NORTE – https://programas.juventude.gov.pt/agora-nos/acoes/detalhe/109
– CENTRO – https://programas.juventude.gov.pt/agora-nos/acoes/detalhe/110
– LISBOA E VALE DO TEJO – https://programas.juventude.gov.pt/agora-nos/acoes/detalhe/111
– ALENTEJO – https://programas.juventude.gov.pt/agora-nos/acoes/detalhe/112
– ALGARVE – https://programas.juventude.gov.pt/agora-nos/acoes/detalhe/113

Garantia Jovem
Youth Guarantee

É uma iniciativa dirigida a jovens com menos de 30 anos de idade com o objetivo de lhes dar uma oportunidade de educação e formação, estágio ou emprego, no prazo de 4 meses, após ficarem desempregados ou terem saído do sistema educativo e formativo.
The Youth Guarantee is an initiative aimed at young people under 30 years of age with the purpose of giving them an opportunity for education and training, internship or employment, within 4 months after being unemployed or leaving the education and training system.


Programa Escolhas
Escolhas Programme

O Programa Escolhas visa a mobilização das comunidades locais para projectos de igualdade de oportunidades dirigidos a crianças e jovens oriundos de contextos socioeconómicos mais vulneráveis, particularmente aos descendentes de imigrantes e a minorias étnicas.

The Escolhas Programme aims to mobilize local communities for equal opportunities projects targeting at children and young people from the most vulnerable socio-economic backgrounds, particularly the descendants of immigrants and ethnic minorities.


KEYSTONE partners from the UK, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece meet in Lisbon, 20th and 21st March 2019, to finalise KEYSTONE Project implementation plans for spring 2019.

European Network of Innovation for Inclusion:


European Network of Innovation for Inclusion aims to foster a more inclusive labour market in Europe. The Network gathers a wide range of EU level organisations, both public and private, helping vulnerable groups to access the labour market, or combating social exclusion through social innovation. They develop employment and entrepreneurship projects through the exchange of good practices and participation in different European programmes.
The network is co-financed by the European Social Fund, through the Spanish ESF Managing Authority under the Operational Programme for Social Inclusion and Social Economy 2014-2020, as a transnational cooperation project.

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