KEY Tool

The KEYSTONE project is composed of 3 blended and inter-related areas:

1. the KEYSTONE Community Labs – workshops and experiential learning – safe spaces for young people and stakeholders to work together, learning and developing their creative ideas and potential, in order to better engage with community issues and co-create, develop and implement action research experiments (social innovations) to make a difference in our lives and communities: “What’s broken and how are WE going to fix it? Issues that affect us in OUR lives and OUR communities?”.

2. The KEYSTONE collaborative support programme (CSP): This is KEYSTONES learning and support component, the core components will be delivered as a gaming experience via a phone app. The CSP learning content also supports work in the ‘Community Labs’, and is loosely structured to include empowerment, inclusion and development objectives relating to 9 core areas identified in the research phase (Life World Analysis) of KEYSTONE. KEYSTONE is a blended learning and development programme, as such, the KEY Tool content (see 3 below) is also an inter-related element and includes content that is also relevant to the KEYSTONE collaborative support programme work that is occurring in the Community Labs via the workshops and action research experiment development, and also relates to the gaming content and CSP participation too.

3. The KEYSTONE platform – The KEY Tool: This is KEYSTONE’S online ‘knowledge community’ platform and resource. The KEY Tool is an online platform that can be accessed via the KEY Tool button.

The KEY Tool is a multi-purpose support platform for the KEYSTONE project. It has several functions:

  • a resource space allowing access to pages, posts, toolkits and information relevant to both young people and stakeholders interested in inclusion, social innovation, empowerment, and other issues related to marginal communities, young people, and the KEYSTONE project.
  • a registration and contribution space that will allow for KEYSTONE participation, communication and contributions via posts. Those that register with the KEYSTONE programme via the KEY Tool ( to register use the contribute tab and register using a google account through the ‘sign in with google’ button. Please disregard the username/email address and password boxes)
  • A network and knowledge community platform that will help interconnect the ‘Community Labs’, the wider ‘knowledge community’ network of stakeholders and interested young people. Posts and some library resources and tools are available on an open access basis via the KEY Tool’s front page and section tabs which can be accessed here: 
  • Registration on the KEY Tool, which is necessary for those that wish to participate fully in the KEYSTONE project’s Community Labs and wider knowledge community through making contributions, may be made via the contribute tab on the KEY Tool front page. Please note that some interesting and relevant library content may be found via ‘library’ posts in some of the content sub-section posts. Useful tools and toolkits may also be found here or via the toolkit tab on the KEY Tool.