KEYSTONE Round Table

KEYSTONE Closing Conference

The official end of the KEYSTONE project was marked by a closing ‘Round Table’ held at the Hotel Parque Serra da Lousã, in Miranda do Corvo, Portugal on 28th January 2020.

The main objectives of the Round Table were to disseminate the results of the project and its outputs to stakeholders and to support the project transferability and replication strategy by introducing the project’s final deliverable – the ‘Transferability Toolkit’.

The event was hosted by the ADFP Foundation – a major Portuguese civil society organization who support the social and economic inclusion of a wide range of disadvantaged groups, including older people, people with disabilities, migrants, and young unemployed.

A total of 33 participants attended the Round Table in Miranda and were joined through a teleconference link by Greek colleagues. Participants at the event included representatives from the Ministry of Social Security, the Ministry of Social Action, the Ministry of Education, Commission for the Protection of Children and Young People, local authorities, Health Centres, Universities, NGOs and practitioners from the ADFP Foundation.

The Round Table agenda is available here together with presentations on KEYSTONE delivered by the project team.

KEYSTONE Project_Round Table_Meeting_M2I-Presentation_28012020.pdf – Click on the link below to access the KEYSTONE Project_Round Table_Meeting_M2I-Presentation_28012020.pdf

pdf-iconKEYSTONE Project_Round Table_Meeting_M2I-Presentation_28012020.pdf

keystone round table flyer.pdf – Click on the link below to access the keystone round table flyer.pdf

pdf-iconkeystone round table flyer.pdf

KEYSTONE Round Table flyer Portuguese.pdf – Click on the link below to access the KEYSTONE Round Table flyer Portuguese.pdf

pdf-iconKEYSTONE Round Table flyer Portuguese.pdf

Keystone Round Table_italy_presentation.pdf – Click on the link below to access the Keystone Round Table_italy_presentation.pdf

pdf-iconKeystone Round Table_italy_presentation.pdf

KEYSTONE Round Table Lisbon LAB.pdf – Click on the link below to access the KEYSTONE Round Table Lisbon LAB.pdf

pdf-iconKEYSTONE Round Table Lisbon LAB.pdf

KEYSTONE-UK-TM5-Miranda-do-Corvo-Round-Table-Edit2.pdf – Click on the link below to access the KEYSTONE-UK-TM5-Miranda-do-Corvo-Round-Table-Edit2.pdf


SGA-Keystone-Round Table-UNIR Presentation.pdf – Click on the link below to access the SGA-Keystone-Round Table-UNIR Presentation.pdf

pdf-iconSGA-Keystone-Round Table-UNIR Presentation.pdf