Community Lab in Lisbon

The KEYSTONE Community Lab in Lisbon is run by CEPCEP, Catholic University of Portugal.

CEPCEP is working with a number of partners including the EPAL Water Company, Benfica FC, Clube Atletico de Montijo, KARTS, Casa dos Animais and Junta de Freguesia da Ajudia to deliver the Collaborative Support Programme in a Lab located in the Ajuda neighbourhood.

The Programme is organised around six modules covering:

  • Keystone Introduction – What is the Keystone Methodology? What are the tools? Who am I?
  • Identify and transform a space we don’t like. What spaces we don’t like? What do we want to fix/change?How can we fix it/change it?
  • What are our interests?
  • Who are we? Production of a group presentation video; Explore software video edition; Select clips and background music
  • How to use the KEY TOOL? Introduction to the Key tool features and how to use them.
  • Let’s go international. Who are the other Keystone participants?

These are supplemented by a programme of outdoor activities, for example a visit to the Mãe d’Água Reservoir.

The action research projects in the Lab are exploring environmental issues and waste re-cycling.