Community Lab in Perugia

The KEYSTONE Community Lab in Perugia is run by Borgorete.

Borgorete is working with the Municipality of Perugia and Centro Servizi Giovan youth centre to run the Community Lab which is located in the ‘CULT’ Hub – an open-access resource space to deliver the Collaborative Support Programme.

The Programme is organised around ‘Community Reporting’ and covers:

  • Community work
  • Community reportage
  • Creation and team work
  • Participatory editorial staff
  • Design tools for the story of the community
  • Interactive and participatory storytelling
  • Photo and video tools for storytelling
  • Creation of events to tell the story community
  • Multimedia tools (radio and podcast) for storytelling.

The action research in the Lab aims to deliver a ‘Community Reporting’ intervention in the city.