Project Summary

The IDEA for KEYSTONE comes from other projects we’ve worked in.

HERO worked with young offenders.

It combined interactive games with film and drama workshops to train young people to tell their own stories

SHARE MY CITY was about young people, crime and anti-social behaviour.

In LONDON and PERUGIA we worked with young people and their communities to explore ways of reducing crime and anti-social behaviour by bringing different groups together


IESI-Youth collected examples of ‘social innovations’ developed by young people to resolve real problems that affect people’s real lives.


In the KEYSTONE project, we want to take these ideas and work with young people to:

  • carry out research to find out what young people ‘on the margins’ feel about their lives; what they think is ‘broken’ in their communities and how it could be fixed
  • use the results to co-design and deliver a Collaborative Support Programme (‘Social Innovation Programme’)
  • deliver the programme and provide resources and mentoring in ‘Community Labs’ – to help young people become social innovators
  • apply these social innovations help solve real problems in young people’s communities

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