Social Innovation Programme

The KEYSTONE Social Innovation Programme (‘Collaborative Support Programme’) creates the collaborative learning and innovation environment necessary to help young people become social innovators.

It’s an ‘active inclusion’ youth programme delivered through the KEYSTONE Community Labs.

It aims to bring to the surface the existing, and hidden, talents of young people who have been failed by conventional education and training.

The programme is tailored both to the individual needs of participants and to the features of the different ‘Community Labs’ in which it is delivered.

However, it is based on five common ‘core’ components:

– an on-line workspace that provides a basic training course in social innovation and social entrepreneurship
– mentoring in workspaces within the Labs – connecting young people and youth workers with industry experts, entrepreneurs, social innovators and creatives)
– ‘transformative’ workshops that provide young people with the competences and tools needed to develop ideas for social innovations and put them into practice
– an ‘ideas generation space’ – the ‘Crucible’ – that supports young people, working with mentors, experts, youth workers and innovators, to develop ideas for social innovations
– a ‘reflection and review space’ – the ‘Reactable’ – that allows young people, working with their co-collaborators to review and reflect on these ideas and come up with ways to put them into practice

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