Transferability Toolkit

The KEYSTONE Transferability Toolkit aims to help future users of the KEYSTONE Programme access and use its tools and content. It’s essentially a ‘User Manual’ for the KEYSTONE programme that provides Guidelines, procedures, tools and practice examples to support the successful transferability and implementation of the programme within organisations, who work with young people ‘on the margins’.

The Toolkit is based on ‘Ten Steps to Transferability’. These steps are what are required to help you adapt and transfer the KEYSTONE programme to suit your context and needs.

It’s comprised of two inter-connected elements

  • A Handbook (User Manual) that takes the user through the ‘Ten Steps’ required to successfully transfer KEYSTONE to their own context.
  • An online set of Resources that provides useful material to help programme users apply what’s in the Handbook in practice

You can download the Handbook here:

KEYSTONE _TRANSFERABILITY TOOLKIT_FINAL_public_release.pdf – Click on the link below to access the KEYSTONE _TRANSFERABILITY TOOLKIT_FINAL_public_release.pdf


The Resources are downloadable from this section of the website.

They’re split into 5 sections.

Each Section covers 2 of the Steps in the ‘Ten Steps to Transferability’.